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New winter titles released

SCWC Books and Southern Story Books are excited to announce the release of three Winter publications.

The new releases and their links for publication are:

Notes from a Quarantine: Essays, Stories, and Poems, by Cheryl Wray, tells the story of the 2020 pandemic as the author experienced it. Inspiring and entertaining, the ebook highlights the shared relational, emotional, and spiritual experiences from the past year through a collection of personal essays, poems, and short fiction.


Conquering Anxiety with Thanksgiving: 30 Devotions: 30 Daily Devotion for Facing Fear and Standing your Ground, by Nicey T. Eller, is an inspirational guide that

reassures the reader that gratitude break fear’s grip and bring hope to your life. Includes Scripture readings and personal challenges.


Practical Priorities for Fibromyalgia Recovery, by Kathy J. Norman, is based on the author's battle with the debilitating illness and includes 12 different strategies for living a chemical-free life, building up the immune system, and improving symptoms.


Each of the books can also be purchased as a printable PDF download by emailing

We look forward to continuing to share wonderful resources from SCWC Books and Southern Story Books! Let us know if we can help you in any way.

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